Asalamu alaykum

May Allah bring peace to you all.

One week ago, a tragic event unfolded in Christchurch, New Zealand. There occured a gruesome and ruthless attack and murder of 50 worshippers at two Mosques in New Zealand, at the hands of a hater whose name is not worth mentioning. That day, the killer, a 28-year-old militant, far-right, supremacist, extremist, terrorist, did not hesitate to bare arms against a peaceful congregation of Muslims gathered for the weekly Friday Prayers, at their local Mosque. To add insult to injury, the strategic terrorist broadcast his calculated and callous crime to the world without any guilt, shame or fear of consequences.

It was a day a great grief, not just for the families of those who were killed and injured, but for the rest of us who too worship Allah alone, the entire Muslim community around the world. We lost a limb. And it wasn’t the first.

The final prophet of Allah, Muhammad (peace be upon him) is reported to have said:

The similitude of believers in regard to mutual love, affection, fellow-feeling is that of one body; when any limb of it aches, the whole body aches, because of sleeplessness and fever. (Sahih Muslim)

What happened in Christchurch on March 15 2019, was a wakeup call.

This, and many other past and on-going atrocities around the world where innocent lives are being lost by ill-intending criminals, must be shunned by all. And indeed, any human being with an ounce of mercy would agree.


At present, it almost feels like the Makkan period all over… When the early Muslims of Arabia at the time of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) were persecuted on account of believing ‘laa ilaha illAllah, MuhammadurRasoolullah’. (There is no true god worthy of worship except Allah alone (whom has no associates), and Muhammad is the final prophet of Allah).


This is the peaceful, pure message which every prophet (peace be upon them) preached, ‘la ilaha illAllah’ (There is no true god worthy of worship except Allah alone ).

It is a wise message which makes sense, the message that everyone is inherently inclined to, the message our forefather Adam (peace be upon him) proclaimed and practiced. We are all the children of Adam, ultimately. Why hate each other for no good reason?

For too long, the headlines have been criminalising the broader Muslim community by associating us with the acts of some misguided individuals who claim to be following Islam. This mass criminalisation tricks the lay person into misinterpretting the true message of Islam as apparent in the authentic scriptures. The remedy to this ignorance is for every person to study Islam for themselves, from the authentic texts, The Qur’an and the Sahih Hadith. Please contact us for more, you can get started here : Islam Explained.

We have, will and must condemn anyone who teaches other than what Allah revealed and what the Last prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught. Murder is murder, never mind who the perpetrator is. Islam teaches that murder is one of the major sins. May Allah protect us from major and minor sins, Ameen.

Of course, most of the world’s Muslim population wouldn’t dream of blowing up anything or anyone, let alone themselves.  But the unfortunate truth is, that we still get hated on because the naive, ignorant and lazy folk don’t bother to enquire about the true message of Islam. They don’t want to talk to us to dispel their misconceptions on Islam, they just want to hate!

Well, we won’t be your punching bag, and we’re not sorry. Because that dark Friday noon, the world witnessed that horrific incident. One thing that fuelled it was the lack of willingness to learn what Islam really teaches, the desire for hatred and destruction was dearer to the Christchurch Killer than was his desire for peace and reconciliation.

The killer planned to eradicate New Zealand of Muslims. He killed 50, injured 50 more. But following this, hundreds and thousands arround the world have come to realise Islam is not a religion of terror…it has opened for them their path to seeking the truth. Thank you to all the wonderful people who, out of compassion, contacted us with kind words. May Allah always guide you and us to the right path and bring us all true peace. Ameen

…Peace will prevail and may Allah have mercy on us all. Those worshippers who were murdered came to the Friday prayer and were in peaceful submission to Allah.  The detestable killer wanted to snatch their peace away, so he did what he did. But in sha Allah (God willing), in the hereafter, those who were treated unjustly, those killed by the criminals, will taste true peace and justice.


Alhamdulillah Allah has given us a chance thus far to turn back to Him alone, and to submit to Him. Allah gave us everything, Alhamdulillah (All praise and thanks belongs to Allah). We should always be grateful to Allah. Indeed, in today’s Friday sermon in Madinah (The city of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him), the Sheikh reminded us to be grateful to Allah.

The pure, peaceful, beneficial message of Islam will reach people however Allah wills. Allah, The Most Merciful God will gather us all in the hereafter, and no one will be dealt with unjustly. We will reap what we sowed in this world. Let’s plant seeds of peace, mercy, unity and justice, let us humble ourselves to Allah in sincere submission.

Let’s work on bettering ourselves and the world. The world has enough hate, let’s bring more peace to it, shall we?

Lesson 1- Remember Allah at all times and worship Him alone, because we will certainly return to Him.

Lesson 2- Be grateful to Allah always. Alhamdulillah for everything. We have been blessed with a lot ma sha Allah. Don’t allow fear, persecution and trials to make us forget the blessings of Allah.

Lesson 3- Hatred and terrorism has no religion. Don’t misjudge a faith or group on account of the actions of a few criminals.

Lesson 4– Ignorance is harmful. But ignorance, coupled with extreme hatred, plus a will for destruction proves deadly. We welcome everyone to learn what Islam really teaches at our Islam Explained page

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May Allah forgive our mistakes, in this and beyond, and may Allah grant us guidance, peace, mercy, unity and paradise. May Allah grant peace and safety everywhere. Wasallallahu alaa nabiyina Muhammad Amin.


Thurrock Muslims



In The Name of Allah (The One True God to be worshipped).


Dr Zakir Naik- Scholar of comparative religion & medical Dr.



OMG… who hijacked history? Aren’t those facts surprisingly enlightening. Why are we hardly ever told of these incidents in history, of terror, genocide and anarchy at the hands of people who never identified with the Islamic faith- yes, think Spanish inquisition, Hitler, Milosevic, IRA bomb blasts, Vietnam war but to name a few… none of the perpetrators here were Muslim…

Lesson to learn– Terrorism knows no race, no religion, no region. STOP JUDGING, and LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT ISLAM.

With peace,

Thurrock Muslims.


Islam and terrorism- short film

In the name of Allah.

May peace be upon you.

Remember a while back we blogged a response to the question ‘does Islam encourage terrorism?’

Well, today we’ve a video for you, a lovely short film highlighting messages from the authentic texts in Islam which mention the prohibition on harming the innocent.

enjoy : )


And Allah is The Source of Peace, The Flawless, The One True God, The Owner of Mercy.

With love and peace,

Thurrock Muslims



Does Islam encourage Terrorism?

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

Peace be upon you  respected readers!

So, you’ve been watching the news, and hearing things, and seeing things, and subsequently believing things.

And sure enough, Islam and Muslims are, once again, under the spotlight.

Now, irrespective of who you are, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you will approach this objectively, with an open mind, and a willingness to genuinely ascertain the truth.

I sympathise with you, that in this day and age, we are constantly being told, this, that and the other, and the result is, we don’t know who to believe. We’re confused, frustrated, perhaps even angry and resentful.

As a Muslim, I want you to know that Islam is not what many sections of the media and certain individuals are portraying it be to the masses. Islam is NOT about unjustly killing people!

If you believe that it does advocate unjust killing and oppression, then I am afraid you have fallen prey to the slander and lies of the ignorant and hate-mongerers.

It’s about time, we stopped being so naive, and believing everything we’re told, by some stranger on TV.

It’s about time, we thought twice before accepting the deductions made by columnists and editors of various newspapers.

It’s about time, we open our eyes, get back our dignity and start to do some research for ourselves, and stop believing everything we’re told without valid proof!


As a Muslim, I believe I have a right to tell you what Islam is really about, since I follow it.

to educate

Firstly, I need you to forget everything you’ve been told about Islam, any judgements, stereotypes and preconceptions you may have. Just cast them aside for a moment.

Now, any intelligent person would agree with me, that if you want to know about a matter, you start with its basic principles, the foundations, its building blocks. So let’s go back to square one.

Islam means, submission to the will of the Almighty, Supreme, uncreated Creator of the universe and all within it, Whom you may know as The Lord or God.

A Muslim is one who submits to the Supreme Creator. Muslims worship The One True God, referred to in Arabic as ‘Allah‘.

The most important principle in Islam is to uphold Islamic Monotheism, that is to attribute complete Oneness to Allah as He deserves, in His Lordship, His names and attributes and His right to be worshipped exclusively and alone. Allah has no partners, no rivals, no children, no son. He is Self-Sufficient, The All-Powerful, The Ever-Living, The One Who sustains all that exists, The Lord of all creation. There is no similitude to Allah.

This is the purity of the message of Islam.

Please do not be diverted from it by what you see, hear and read on the TV, or the Radio or the newspapers.

We appreciate your willingness to engage in a positive dialogue, as it’s about time we broke those barriers.

Please do check out the following pages for a better understanding:

Read the Qur’an for yourself! Click Here

Islam Explained, in simple terms: part 1

Islam Explained part 2

May The One True God, Allah The Almighty, The Majestic, guides us all to the straight path that He is pleased with. Ameen.

We thank you for reading and for being fair-minded.

Peace, with smiles!

Thurrock Muslims