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THE SACRED MONTHS-Ramadan in under 2 Months!

In the name of Allah. THE SACRED MONTHS – RAJAB 1439AH Asalamu alaykum dear readers. We are now in the sacred month of Rajab walhamdulillah and  we would like to remind ourselves about the importance of the four sacred months in Islam. Rajab is the 7th month of the Islamic calendar. They are Rajab, Dhul […]

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No more Easter Eggs? Why Muslims do not celebrate Easter…

In the Name of Allah, The One True God No more Easter Eggs? Why Muslims do not celebrate Easter? It’s not about the chocolate. It’s not about the bunnies. It’s not about the eggs. It’s about the origins. It’s about principles.   What exactly is Easter? In short, Easter is a Christian festival with remnants […]

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SINCERE ADVICE TO SISTERS- HIJAB (warning: lower your gaze brothers)

Sincere Advice for Muslim women: Correct Hijab   See our related posts: What you should know about Hijab Conditions of correct Hijab   Our disclaimer

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