Does Islam encourage Terrorism?

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

Peace be upon you  respected readers!

So, you’ve been watching the news, and hearing things, and seeing things, and subsequently believing things.

And sure enough, Islam and Muslims are, once again, under the spotlight.

Now, irrespective of who you are, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you will approach this objectively, with an open mind, and a willingness to genuinely ascertain the truth.

I sympathise with you, that in this day and age, we are constantly being told, this, that and the other, and the result is, we don’t know who to believe. We’re confused, frustrated, perhaps even angry and resentful.

As a Muslim, I want you to know that Islam is not what many sections of the media and certain individuals are portraying it be to the masses. Islam is NOT about unjustly killing people!

If you believe that it does advocate unjust killing and oppression, then I am afraid you have fallen prey to the slander and lies of the ignorant and hate-mongerers.

It’s about time, we stopped being so naive, and believing everything we’re told, by some stranger on TV.

It’s about time, we thought twice before accepting the deductions made by columnists and editors of various newspapers.

It’s about time, we open our eyes, get back our dignity and start to do some research for ourselves, and stop believing everything we’re told without valid proof!


As a Muslim, I believe I have a right to tell you what Islam is really about, since I follow it.

to educate

Firstly, I need you to forget everything you’ve been told about Islam, any judgements, stereotypes and preconceptions you may have. Just cast them aside for a moment.

Now, any intelligent person would agree with me, that if you want to know about a matter, you start with its basic principles, the foundations, its building blocks. So let’s go back to square one.

Islam means, submission to the will of the Almighty, Supreme, uncreated Creator of the universe and all within it, Whom you may know as The Lord or God.

A Muslim is one who submits to the Supreme Creator. Muslims worship The One True God, referred to in Arabic as ‘Allah‘.

The most important principle in Islam is to uphold Islamic Monotheism, that is to attribute complete Oneness to Allah as He deserves, in His Lordship, His names and attributes and His right to be worshipped exclusively and alone. Allah has no partners, no rivals, no children, no son. He is Self-Sufficient, The All-Powerful, The Ever-Living, The One Who sustains all that exists, The Lord of all creation. There is no similitude to Allah.

This is the purity of the message of Islam.

Please do not be diverted from it by what you see, hear and read on the TV, or the Radio or the newspapers.

We appreciate your willingness to engage in a positive dialogue, as it’s about time we broke those barriers.

Please do check out the following pages for a better understanding:

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May The One True God, Allah The Almighty, The Majestic, guides us all to the straight path that He is pleased with. Ameen.

We thank you for reading and for being fair-minded.

Peace, with smiles!

Thurrock Muslims

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