Lessons from Ramadan Revival 2015/1436: Surah Al Asr …& REGISTER FOR RAMADAN REVIVAL 2016

Bismillah Walhamdulillah, wasalatu wasalam alaa Rasoolillah. LAST YEAR IN JULY 2015 RAMADAN REVIVAL HAPPENED…   and we want to share some AMAZING LESSONS FROM SURAH AL ASR … Tafsir Surah al Asr Speaker:  Graduate of Islamic university of Madinah, Sheikh MuAwiya “( 1 )   By time, ( 2 )   Indeed, mankind is in loss, ( 3 […]

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Dear reader.. part 2

  Dear Reader, This is my second letter to you. Hey I know its been a while! Thanks for your patience though. So you tried getting rich, but failed… or maybe you made it. So you tried fame, and maybe you got it, but at times, with fame, comes shame…some love you, some don’t… So […]

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