Lessons from Ramadan Revival 2015/1436: Surah Al Asr …& REGISTER FOR RAMADAN REVIVAL 2016


Walhamdulillah, wasalatu wasalam alaa Rasoolillah.


IN JULY 2015



and we want to share some




Tafsir Surah al Asr

Speaker:  Graduate of Islamic university of Madinah, Sheikh MuAwiya

“( 1 )   By time,
( 2 )   Indeed, mankind is in loss,
( 3 )   Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.” (Surah al-asr)


The Sheikh derived these benefits for us to take from the surah:

  1. Allah swears by Al-Asr. Allah can take an oath like this to highlight its importance. We however, can only ever swear by Allah.
  2. Al-Asr refers to time.
  3. Verily, man is in a state of loss…we have the chance to earn jannah, by doing good deeds. But if we only earn hellfire, then we’ll be in loss. Allah save us amin!
  4. Illa- except.. an exception .. Except those who have iman in Allah, and knowledge of Him, and knowledge which bears the fruits of iman…
  5. and does righteous deeds- acting on the knowledge, following Islam, the religion of good.
  6. Advise one another to the truth, and advise one another to patience…
  7. So success is to believe in Allah, have ilm/knowledge of Him, His names and attributes, the religion and prophets (alayhimusalam), then acting on that ilm, and calling others to it, doing da’wah and being patient on it. Because you are going to be put to trial for various things when you call to Islam.


Ramadan is here WALHAMDULILLAH… time to put forward good deeds of obedience and avoid the forbidden to help us in the Akhirah, to attain Jannah.


Allah forgive any errors in this post and our lives, and Allah forgive all our errors, and make us among the muttaqeen. amin.

Oh Allah, let us witness Ramadan in your obedience. Allah bless our time in His cause. Allahumma salli wasallim ala nabiyyina Muhammad. amin


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