Conditions of Hijab – Top 8 Criteria

Bismillah Conditions of Hijab– Top 8 Criteria Did you know that Hijab doesn’t have to be black in colour, it’s not only for beautiful women, and it can be worn by non-Arabian Muslims. See the previous post “What is Hijab” The following conditions must be met for Hijab to be complete. Muslim women endeavour to […]

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What is Hijab? 9 Things You Should Know

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful. What is Hijab? 9 Things You Should Know It’s been in the limelight time and time again, in parliament, in the media, in school, on the streets, virtually everywhere. Some hold it as a sign of emancipation, others ignorantly perceive it to be otherwise. For […]

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