What Breaks the FAST? Ramadan Fiqh of Fasting- The nullifiers

What Breaks the FAST? Ramadan Fiqh of Fasting- The Nullifiers Asalamu alaykum, Dear brothers and sisters, with Ramadan just round the corner, lets brush up our knowledge on the dos and donts of fasting, for the sake of Allah. Here follows the fiqh of fasting regarding the nullifiers. May Allah help us to do that […]

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GET READY FOR RAMADAN! Ramadan preparatory reminders- Fiqh of fasting

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious The Most Merciful. GET READY FOR RAMADAN 1438AH Ramadaan preparatory reminders- Fiqh of fasting Share this vital information with others! Let’s get ready for Ramadan in obedience to our Most Merciful Rabb, Allah! It is hoped this will inform us of the primary reasons we fast, what […]

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‘Will you be my Valentine…’- Do Muslims celebrate Valentine’s Day? What to do if someone asks you out, as a Muslim…

Bismillah Do Muslims celebrate Valentine’s Day? ‘So will you, won’t you, would you be my Valentine’ he asks… “Erm, let me check…” she says… “Sorry” she utters, “but no… please don’t cry, I hate to be a heartbreaker…but that’s just not how I roll.” Feel sorry for the guy? Or the girl? Perhaps you’ve been in […]

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