Ramadan Revival was a success walhamdulillah! -post event comments

Asalamu alaykum folks!!!! In sha Allah you are all very well!   One month and a few days post Ramadan, and we hope we have still been keen to increase our good deeds seeking Allah’s pleasure. We are now in the sacred month Dhul Qa’dah, check out the post on sacred months!  And guess what, […]

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Directions- How to get to Belmont Hall for Ramadan Revival 11 July 2015 2-5pm

asalamu ‘alaykum, (do have a look at the Laylatul Qadr post and learn the amazing dua! click here)    Final chance to book! (We advise you to register, but you may turn up on the day too in sha Allah) : book at eventbrite Walking directions: Walking route Morrison to hall Shared route From Morrisons, […]

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