Taleem Institute- Re-opening soon Covid19- Sep2020

UPDATE, provisional- Taleem institute madrasa to open again soon in 2020 in sha Allah.

*Madrasah Reopening Update *
Assalamu Alykum,*Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we will be reopening our Madrasah on 1st September 2020 Insha’Allah.* Till September Taleem Online Lessons via Skype will be continuing, if you are still interested to take our online class please contact us directly.
*As part of our growth, we are making some changes to our weekend structure by having longer sessions over the weekend. These will be,*
*Saturday Session*10:00am to 15:00pm (5hrs)
*Sunday Session*10:00am to 15:00pm (5hrs)
Each Session 5 Hours. Parents can choose 1 session per weekend. Basically, kids need to come only one day either Saturday or Sunday.
*September Session Registration link https://registrations.ibeuk.org/taleem-institute-form-2020*
If you plan on sending your children on the above timetable, please simply fill up the form.
Jazakallah Khair *Taleem Institute Management *

May Allah keep us all safe and united.

Wasallallahu ala nabiyina Muhammad. amin



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