Isha and Taraweeh in multiple locations- Masjids and Islamic centres in Grays


Taleem Foundation centre Taraweeh

Assalamu Alykum Everyone,

Ramadan Taraweeh 1444 will *begin * tomorrow InshaAllah. The first Ramadan will be on Thursday

👉Taleem Centre will be holding 20 Rakath Taraweeh prayers.

👉Taraweeh 8.30pm, after Esha Salaah, from Sunday 9:30pm (Brothers, Sisters & children)

👉Asr Jamath (5pm), Maghrib, Esha & Taraweeh will be leading by Egyptian Taraweeh Imam Qari Ayman, recitation link

👉Segregated spaces available for sisters on ground floor

👉Daily Iftar will be provided for brothers and Sunday for sisters

👉Free Parking in Morrison and around Taleem Centre after 6pm. Taleem centre parking 1st come, 1st serve basis

👉Wudu and toilet facilities are available. Please keep these areas clean after using them

👉Please respect our neighbours when coming and leaving the centre. Keep noise to a minimum and head home straight away

đź‘ŚWe look forward to seeing you all in Taraweeh Insha’Allah.

21 Clarence Road, RM17 6QA

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