7 days to the RAMADAN REVIVAL!

asalamu alaykum

We have a few days to go to the RAMADAN REVIVAL.


Here’s a short video reminder on physical sadaqah, by productive Muslim, jazakAllah khair




speaking of physical sadaqah, we would really appreciate if you came along to the event and if you could volunteer some help on the day, then that would be fabulous!


But, even if you just attend, that would be enough  to make us…



s      m    i      l     e

jazakAllah khair, see you there in sha Allah.

It was narrated that Abu Hurairah and Abu Sa’eed bore witness that the Prophet(ﷺ) said:
“No people sit in a gathering remembering Allah, But the angels surround them, mercy covers them, tranquility descends upon them and Allah remembers them before those who are with Him.” [Sunan ibn Majah

Let us be in a gathering where Allah is remembered, and may we be of those Allah forgives and rewards, for each of us are in desperate need for forgiveness and reward. Allahumma salli alaa muhammad peace be upon him. ameen.

Book here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ramadan-revival-tickets-17356612094

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